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GSEF Foundation is a 501(c) 3- Nonprofit Organization established in 2022 by Jin Ok-Kim to support Asian-American and global artists working in the United States, Korea, and more. We promote their work and provide opportunities for artists to expand their activities and develop their talents. 


GSEF Foundation promotes art work through contests and exhibition to emerging artists and educating them in various artistic activities. We want to build relationships with art lovers, as well as art professionals. As a nonprofit organization we serve as a platform to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children with disabilities, disadvantaged youth and seniors.


GSEF Foundation works with the community through exhibitions, workshops, art history education, museum tours, lectures, and more. The meaning of GSEF is Global Group of Artists who can Share their vision and values, and Fill artistic Emptiness with our supportive community.

Our GSEF FOUNDATION can provide financial support through prizes, grants, and fellowships to artists, curators, and student researchers.

GSEF FOUNDATION is a foundation that encourages cooperation with various organizations and individuals who share our vision and values.

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